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Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Court Reporter in Phoenix

Court reporters and court reporting companies in Phoenix take up the responsibility of keeping written records- word for word, syllable for syllable, of your legal proceedings. No wonder they are a must-have before commencing any proceedings in the courtroom.

However, not all court reporters Phoenix or court reporting firms are created equal. For this reason, you must learn to exercise caution when making this all-important hiring decision. To lend a helping hand, this blog post takes you through the common mistakes to avoid when hiring a court reporter in Phoenix.

Assuming All Reporters Have Similar Skills

When commencing your search for the best court reporters Phoenix, it is in your best interest to look for one that has been certified by the relevant authorities, and is a member of relevant state associations. Aside from the right certifications, the best court reporter should boast a clear understanding of the law and how it works.

Fluency in legal, medical and related technical terminology, not forgetting advanced spelling, punctuation, vocabulary and grammar skills are also vital. Moreover, a skilled court reporter in Phoenix should be able to type faster than you can speak (not really, but you get the concept).

Settling for a Smaller Court Reporting Firm

It is easy to assume that a smaller court reporting agency in Phoenix is always the answer. After all, they have better services and prices. But you’d be surprised to learn that the vast majority of small firms simply lack the resources and/or technology needed to support an attorney in the increasingly technologically driven practice of law.

Actually, full-time customer service support tends to lack in a court reporting firm where the same players are wearing many hats. In the event that the owner is not focused on managing a full team of court reporters and support staff, there is a good chance they may be obstructed from meeting their clients’ time-sensitive demands. Always steer clear from working with such court reporters Phoenix.

Now that you have an insight people make when hiring court reporters Phoenix, why not kickstart your quest to find the best?

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