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Important Details Needed to Get a Homeowners Insurance Quote

While comparing homeowners insurance quotes, insurers will surely have a lot of questions to ask. These help them better understand what you need in your homeowners insurance policy. That’s why you should never lie to a prospective insurance company merely because you’re in dire need of the cheapest quote.

Skimp on this, and you may end up paying more for your homeowners’ insurance policy. With that in mind, today we will take you through some of the information you’ll want to have on hand before comparing home insurance quotes. Read on below to uncover more!

Personal Information

Like any other type of insurance quote, you have to share your personal details before issued with anything. This includes your name, date of birth, marital status and contact information, to mention a few. In addition, be sure to share your address and how long you’ve lived there and the number of people who live with you, not forgetting whether you own a dog or other pets.

House Details

Aside from your personal details, you should also share accurate information regarding your house. The vast majority of insurance agencies will ask you about the year the house was built. If it’s an older home, you may also be asked how long ago it was renovated, and whether electrical and plumbing systems have been updated.

Also, accurately share the square footage of the house, how many stories it has and the style, such as colonial or ranch. If you have no idea on when your house was built or its square footage, be sure to get in touch with your local tax assessor’s office. It is then that you won’t finding yourself sharing the wrong information while comparing home insurance quotes online.

Rounding Up

While shopping around for the besthome insurance quotes online, always ensure you share the correct information to your insurer. Through this action, you will not have to worry about digging deeper into your pockets when buying a homeowners insurance policy. Keep in mind no two insurance quotes will be similar even when you share the same info.

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