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Guide About TESOL Certification Online

Online TESOL Course

Considering taking a TESOL course online, you’re probably looking for an affordable option. A high-quality TESOL course will have an online component, and you’ll likely need to complete 100 hours of training. Some of the higher-end courses will cost you thousands of dollars. You may opt for an online program or a hybrid of both. In both cases, you’ll need your device, and the online program should come with various online resources.

The cost of TESOL certification training depends on the course provider and the length of the program. Generally, a 100-hour course will cost around $400-500 USD. The price of a TESOL course can vary greatly, depending on the course provider. However, saving up for a few months of your time is worth it to get a higher salary. Also, studying online is cost-efficient and convenient, so it is an excellent option for aspiring TESOL teachers.

In addition to a quality online TESOL course, you can expect to take a final examination to assess your knowledge of the course material. Once you have completed the course, you’ll receive a certificate that will show your name, course date, ID number, and details of the modules and assessments you’ve taken. It’s essential to ensure a recognized accrediting body accredits your certification program. A certificate will show that you’ve been trained and certified in TESOL.

A good TESOL course will be at least 120 hours long. That is the legal requirement, although 150 hours is also acceptable. Accreditation from an internationally recognized body is also an essential factor. Check whether your chosen online course is accredited by international organizations. In addition, make sure your course includes lifetime access to the course material. And make sure your course is accredited by an actual teacher, as this will increase your chances of finding a job after completing the course.


TESOL certification has many benefits. The certification will make you eligible to teach English to people who don’t speak the language. It’s a good option for anyone with limited time, as it will open up doors to opportunities worldwide. Teaching positions are available for beginners and advanced speakers in language schools, universities, and online. If you have the time and resources, a TESOL certification is the way to go. If you’re interested in teaching English abroad, TESOL certification is a great way to earn a decent living while traveling the world.

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