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Finding the Best Arcade in Singapore Hassle-Free

Looking for the best arcade in Singapore, I think you will never want HADO to be missed, and here are a few reasons why. HADO is the first-ever active game that leverages AR technology and motion sensors without the player being attached to a gaming system, controller, or cable. Instead, the digital experience is made possible by an AR device with the size of the Smartphone on the players’ helmets and by a movement sensor.

AR Tech, Motion Sensors, Active Sports Services: Augmented Sports Reality. Check out at HADO Singapore. AR device, which is worn on your head by players and a movie sensor of a Smartphone’s size, allows the digital experience. During the digital interaction with items that the players see through the AR headset, they can move without any restrictions in the actual area.

HADO is a fitness game that involves outstanding footwork, quick lightning, and excellent agility. Players not only play against their adversaries, but they also stick to the ultimate buzzer for 80 seconds. It blends physical abilities and tactics irrespective of whether a player is a natural athlete. Players successful in the game shall be in continual movement as they dive, bend and squat to escape the energy balls fired by the other team. Even young or old who can become active or have fun with physical problems!

They also have the best collection of mobile games. HADO has promoted a new community that surpasses language, culture, and even location, using technology in over 36 nations. In every HADO country, there are regular tournaments for devoted players who combine their knowledge and physical skills. The world’s top players will compete in the annual Japanese HADO World Cup!

HADO’s new? See the video for HADO’s playback. Coordinate your visually to launch energy balls on your adversaries or remove shields to protect yourself and your teammates using easy actions on your movement sensors hand. Move your body to prevent hitting. You can move around the actual world in a customized and lightweight AR gun and avoid collisions with your team members so that you can play at your own will in an increasing world!

They can offer the HADO experience to suitably air-conditioned locations. Within five minutes, they can accommodate up to six people. In contrast to the VR experience, only one person is provided by a single mobile station. Whether it’s corporate, large, or retail, private parties, gyms, and AR Sport make fun of their specific, active and physical exercise. Check out other gaming arcades in Singapore here.

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